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Spring Track Day at CTMP

Saturday April 20th (Easter Weekend)

When and Where

CTMP GP track on Saturday April 20th (Easter Weekend)
-8:00am Mandatory drivers meeting and track closed at 5:00pm


Open to who?

Event is open to all qualified solo or drivers with race licenses. There will limited instructors so BMW A+ or PCA White, Red or Black preferred. If you have solo experience with other groups then we can discuss.

Pricing and Whats Included

$350+HST for the day including track, marshals, EMS and tow services.  Pricing is per driver and multiple drivers with one car running in different run groups can be arranged on request.

Donation to Foundation

Proceeds over and above track costs and direct event expenses will be donated to the Foundation for Student Achievement.

Proudly supported by:

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Numbers and Run Groups

We are Aiming for 50 drivers maximum in 3 run groups. Based on the experience of the drivers registering, we will be grouping drivers accordingly. Expect 2.5 to 3 hours of track time.

Passing and Passing Zones
Passing will be point by for all groups and passing rules will be discussed during drivers meeting. Car Turn Signals will only be used in the event of heavy rain.

8:00 - 8:30 Mandatory Drivers Meeting/Safety Meeting
9:00 - 12:00 Morning run groups
12:00 - 1:00 Track closed for lunch

1:00 - 5:00 Afternoon run groups

Vehicle Inspections

All drivers are expected to have their vehicles inspected and in good working order. Tech forms will be required for all vehicles. We are using the same Tech Forms as BMW Driver Ed sessions.

download techform


Helmets are mandatory for all participants while on track.  SA2010 or newer will be required to be shown along with tech forms at checkin.  Convertibles and open wheeled cars may have special restrictions. Please make note of your vehicle type on the registration from.

Vehicles with Auto Braking/Collision Avoidance Systems
As many clubs have done, we would like to be aware if your car has Auto braking/CAS. This is a tremendous tool on the road but very very dangerous on a track.  We will deal with cars on a case by case basis with special rules for these vehicles on the track.


By submitting this form, you are committing to attending our event and we will guarantee a spot for you unless there is an issue with your experience level or a question regarding your vehicle type. 


If you think there might be a challenge with your vehicle or experience, please email before submitting form.


You will be required to present a SA2010 or newer helmet and your tech form at registration on the day of the event. TECHFORM

Upon registering, you will be redirected to our Payment page on the Foundation Website.

About the Foundation

As a Canadian Registered Charity, we depend on funds raised from either donations or events to deliver our services to the youth in the communities that we serve.  Our goal is to create events that have meaning and purpose with the intent of always providing donation receipts for as much of the event price as possible!  Know that after direct event costs, 100% of the proceeds go directly towards the program! We run extremely lean from a management/admin perspective and financials are available at any given time to prove this.

For Questions /  Contact us at